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Award-Winning Work Platform

The ultimate in height adjustable access, walk right up to your job!

Keep your staff safe, and more efficient with the Giraffe’s wide, easy, constant gradient stairs. They make carrying tools/parts up to the job a breeze!

The icing on the cake is the fact that just ONE unit can do multiple jobs thanks to the height adjustability, and the variety of gates you can access the workface through…and then there is the large cantilevered deck…



Access your job with ease through 3 lockable gates
Reach over obstacles with the generous 1.6m platform
Minimal floor footprint that remains the same for all platform heights
Easy to load and transport with forklift pockets under chassis
No sweat! Hydraulic height adjustment of nearly 1m (hand pump)
Safety first! Hinged safety bar with grasper latch
Efficient to climb with constant grade stair at any platform height
Hands-free access with 1m wide stairs
No tripping! Base step remains at constant height from floor surface
Great manoeuvrability with all wheel steering and 200mm braked castors
Safe and steady height adjustment with hydraulic safety valve and descent speed control valve

Key Benefits the VRS Giraffe brings to you

  • Easy hydraulically height adjustable deck for different jobs
  • Ability to ascend/decend ‘hands free’
  • Constant stair grade, constant bottom step height, and constant footprint size = easy and efficient for the user

Model DetailsSix standard models with platform heights up to 4.9m

MODEL VRS2310VRS3010VRS3510VRS4010
Deck Height from 1.4m to 2.3m2.1m to 3.0m2.55m to 3.5m3.0m to 3.95m
Overall Width 1652mm2250mm1652mm2250mm
Overall Length 3822mm4503mm4987mm5431mm
Platform Width 905mm905mm905mm905mm
Platform Length 1600mm1600mm1600mm1600mm
Deck Height from 3.5m to 4.4m3.95m to 4.9m
Overall Width 2250mm2650mm
Overall Length 5895mm6813mm
Platform Width 905mm905mm
Platform Length 1600mm1600mm

Optional Extras

Meet your exact requirements with these ingenious options. Most can be retrofitted, so when your needs change, your VRS can adapt to suit!

Contact the Equiptec Team to develop your idea today!

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