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Fast, Easy & Strong Aluminium Scaffolding

Expandable, versatile MultiScaff Aluminium Scaffolding System, build your ultimate mobile scaffold and much, much more…

MultiScaff Aluminium Scaffolding

With over 20 years in the industry, Equiptec have continually enhanced the MultiScaff scaffolding system. It was a brilliant design to start with, and now it offers you…

  • The largest integrated range in an aluminium scaffolding system…allowing you to utilise your gear over a wide variety of jobs for both mobile and static applications.
  • The longest proven service life…with minimal maintenance. Enjoy a huge return on your investment.
  • A strong, safe and sturdy deck to work from…that’s peace of mind for you… enhanced productivity from your worker…and more on the bottom line.

If you need safe, multi purpose and long lasting scaffolding and access solutions… read on!


mobile scaffolding towers nz

Abuse prone frame ends protected with collars (increases wall thickness to close to 6mm).
Frames kept square with gussets. Cracking eliminated with precisely placed welds.
Firm deck to stand on with high grade impact resistant plywood.
Light and strong platforms with fully welded subframes.
Never lose your wheels with 200mm adjustable, braked, smooth rolling castors that fix to the frame.
Level towers up to 380mm with the castor screwjacks.
Good grip even in wet with the non-slip plywood
Welded ladder rungs never come loose.
Easy frame, assembly with the anti-jam machined spigots.
Absorbs shocks - big nosed tough brace graspers. Identify brace types easily with colour coded graspers.

MultiScaff Scaffolding Benefits:

  • Fast to set up
  • Multi-purpose
  • Very adaptable
  • Lightweight Aluminium
  • User friendly
  • Endurance on site is well proven

Although Equiptec's MultiScaff system is ever evolving, currently it can be divided into 3 'categories' as per the buttons below… Compact, Mobile and Façade




You can depend on MultiScaff reliability… everytime!